Monday, May 09, 2011

(just a few reasons) Why My Mom is AWESOME

This was in my 'edit' bin since Mother's Day and I haven't been able to publish it until now. I love you Mom - you really are the best.

  1. She loves the power of nature and gets excited at any kind of major storm.
  2. She's watched Oprah since Oprah was tubby and wore big blue polyester articles, yet is not duped by the awesomeness of the being that is OPRAH (she has a very keen ability to discern truth and error).
  3. She loves good music and always has it playing (when appropriate - she also senses preemptively when music in the background is about to turn into the kind that makes you feel like your hair is on fire, and will not tolerate even really good music if it threatens to destroy the peace or ruin a conversation). Also, listening to awesome music is the only way to clean (i.e. Billy Joel's An Innocent Man album - I will never forget dancing around to Uptown Girl and cleaning in our Grand Canyon house).
  4. She has an incredible balance of knowing the importance of the spirit of the law, yet doesn't tolerate excuses for disobedience to God's commandments.
  5. She LOVES a fun time, and infused her kids with this same love. Car trips were a blast - even if we had crispy hair and we slept on the floor of the van, or got touched by our siblings (my siblings would understand what I'm saying here). We would learn parts to songs and harmonize together, or play word games, or listen to great music and look out the window and think how awesome it was that we were born into this family.
  6. Maybe this goes in the music section, but I think it deserves it's own paragraph. When I was in middle school she came downstairs one evening and proceeded to perform a dance routine she had choreographed to "What A Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers. She had never done that before and hasn't done it since but I think it was officially the coolest thing my mom has ever done.


A.Jean said...

Nice tribute. I was wondering about it, since it showed up as a "post" on Marisa's blog, but unseen on yours. I too love the last paragraph and one day want to see the performance. So Peg, practice and get ready to "bust a move."

Doug G. said...
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Peggy said...

Thanks Jade. This made me feel really happy.
Jean, "bust a move" is really a loaded phrase at almost 60 isn't it? Bust something for sure...
Anyway, I can still see the looks on my famiiy's faces as I proceeded through my dance routine. It was "shock and awe" for sure mixed in with a sort of veiled, has-our-mother-gone-mad look. Priceless.

Chelsea said...

These are so great, Jade. It's so fun to think about all the wonderful things Mom did for us as kids. We should make a whole book of these memories for her for next Mothers Day...